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Cheyenne: we love you!

storm 10 °C

Room 133, Best Western Hotel, Nephi, Utah
16.50, Friday 6 May

Today, Friday, we've left behind the North Platte River, but not the railroad, in the process of shifting our location into Nevada and its only National Park (via this stop for the night in Utah). Meanwhile, back to Wednesday, when we fell in love with Cheyenne, capital of Wyoming. And here's the story.

We drove from the hotel near the Interstate and found a place for a rare "proper" breakfast - we've been surviving on the "free" motel breakfast till now.

Eggs over-easy and sausage pattie for John, Corned Beef Hash, again, for Bob

And then round the corner we found the Capitol Building where the Wyoming state legislature sits and all the business of state is carried out as well as in the surrounding buildings like the Supreme Court of Wyoming. Remember that the USA consists of 50 individual states, each an individual political entity, sharing its sovereignty with the Federal Government.

Unfortunately the Capitol building is closed for repairs.... until 2019, as least. One man on his own seemed to be doing the work. But as we watched, he packed up and walked off!

Round the corner from the Capitol, were smart residential streets. We could easily park wherever we wanted for 2 hours without charge. There was only gentle traffic. Everyone was friendly and Bob gave the ultimate accolade "I could live here"! When I told this to the lady at the Rail Depot museum she said "he wouldn't have said that if he'd been here last week" when they had terrible storms.

It started as a railroad town and became "hell on earth" in the frontier days. Historic downtown is right next to the legislature buildings, making it a compact town. We're sure there must have been some, but we saw no Walmart, CVS or Walgreens Pharmacies.

We started with the State Museum, toured the historic Governor's Mansion, had a cup of coffee in the Paramount Cafe, then toured the Railroad Depot museum and model railway. All of them were wonderful.

Images from the State Museum

From the beautifully restored Governor's Mansion. The guide there had been to Cardiff University so Bob and she had a lot to chat about! The last picture is of the wonderful sun balcony

All clean and tidy. Historic Downtown, including the Railroad Depot with the tower

From the Railroad Depot and Museum. The golden age of travel

We popped into "Wranglers" western store which is now part of the Bootbarn chain. We were attended to by a young, spotty, cowboy from Florida, poor lad. Bob bought a pair of Wrangler jeans and we both bought some work T Shirts which seem to last for ever.


We then drove out to the stadium where the annual "Frontier Days" event is centred. Last year it attracted 200,000 visitors. Rodeos, street parades, concerts, everything for the Western enthusiast and budding cowboy. Can we make it in July when it will be the 120th Frontier Day?!?

By the stadium is yet another "museum" known as "Frontier Days Museum of the West". We were greeted by a lady at the desk who would no doubt admit to have lived for well over 80 happy years. And she held court for around 20 minutes telling us all about the event, the parades, which have the most horses of any parade in the world, and the museum which has a stunning colletion of carriages, and of Western art. Each year, local worthy families purchase works of art which are donated to the museum.


We loved it all!

We drove back to Downtown for dinner in the historic Albany restaurant.
John had grilled chicken salad (see!) and Bob had the house special, an enormous chicken fried steak


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It looks like you two are having such a good time! I hope you enjoy every minute.

by Colette

Loving your blogs, sounds like you are having an amazing time....xx

by Lisa & Ferf

It does have that typical lazy sleepy town look about it, very peaceful, clean and quiet. Lots of museums keepin mr arthur busy. The weather, food and everything looks great for you. You were lucky then not to have been there the week before! ☔??⛄?

by Antonia

It all looks fab and so interesting! Thank you for sharing your brilliant trip.

by Louise

Cheyenne looks great; some street scenes remind me of townships in northern Vermont. Wonderful museums, good food & fab weather - what's not to like?! Keep on truckin' ....

by Ian T

The name Cheyenne never conjured up such sedate and classy surroundings! And the PARKING!! Not many people about were there?
Keep rockin' on, we're with you in the back seat!

by Lin and Norma

Another great part of your trip, pictures great .
Good job you were not there last week.
Keep on rolling, safely

by Bren

Back in sunny Suffolk now so can properly start to enjoy your blog. Looks like a really nice place where they appreciate thier architecture & heritage. The Albany restaurant looks particularly good as does your chicken salad xx

by Paul

When I was a kid I wanted to be a cowboy and thrived on Indian tribe knowledge and the towns mentioned in your blog...this just brings it all alive for me..the one damper on my childhood was that one Christmas I had a cowGIRL outfit in my pillowcase..I was mortified :(

by Cherry and Chris

Civilisation at last. Very interesting place with lots of history but from the pics it looks deserted, but the sun is out. Love the Cowboy with Lassie an the Moo chorus,John riding the wagon is a hoot and plates of food at last..you must be starving!!!

by J&R

Bit confused with buying work T shirts who are these for I wonder. Thought you were both retired. xxx

by vivienne

Cheyenne looks a very lovely place, I can see the attraction and as for the size of the steak!!!!!! We thought El Palenque's were big but nowhere near this size!!
So glad the sun has started to shine on you both, looking forward to more great photos and your usual brilliant blog.

by Sue and Gordy

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