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Upgraded to Blissful Luxury

The story of a hotel room

Room 12042, Aria Hotel
17.00 Thursday 12th May

Wind back to last September when we were booking our hotels. We'd got a bit fed up with the Golden Nugget, Downtown. Not with the hotel itself but the location and all the sleaze and sordidness that happens in Fremont Street etc. And, with bands playing till 2am, it is far from peaceful. After much deliberation we decided to treat ourselves to a nice room at the Aria, which is right in the middle of "The Strip". It was built within the City Centre complex on a wave of over-optimism just before the crash. Many huge projects remain unfinished here, all at the north end of The Strip which is now almost a no-go area. Not because of particular dangers but because there ain't nothing there but shells of buildings and dreams.

But most of the City Centre project was completed and this hotel and others was acquired by the huge (and currently technically bankrupt) MGM Resorts. The Aria was built with huge amounts of misplaced confidence to ultra-luxury standards. No expense was spared in fitting out the rooms, hotel and casino.

The problem they now have is that there is a huge surplus of rooms at the luxury end of the market so they have to let the rooms at way below their original planned tariffs. Suits us!

So John went and booked our room online, but nothing happened. No Emails, nuffink. Just an error message. So he tried a couple more times, also trying a different credit card. Nuffink. So he called the hotel and a very nice Filipino lady took our reservation, then said "Oooh, just a minute Mr Ashplant, you seem to have some other reservations". Eight of them in total, and each time a deposit of one-night's charge had been made against the card. She patiently cancelled each one and refunded the charge. Fine, at least our reservation had been made.

Then I called back for some reason, and she said "Looks like they've upgraded you Mr Ashplant".

So that's how we got this ridiculous suite at a very reasonable rate. And with it came the facility to check-in in their "Tower Suites Lounge" and, if we'd flown in, we would have had a limo ride to and from the airport. Ri-di-cu-luss!


There's a lobby, a "powder room" (2nd loo with basin), dining area with 4-seater table, a bar, sitting room, a little lobby, bedroom on one of the corners of the hotel with window on two sides and bathroom.


There's a walk-in shower and a spa-bath in front of the bathroom ceiling-to-floor window. After he's done with this Blog, John's going for a soak, looking down to the pool, and luxuriating in the bath salts provided.


Not only is it a beautiful suite, with a view towards the Strip (and other hotels, and the pool complex!), all the lights, curtains, TVs (3 of them) and aircon units (2) are controlled from a computer tablet. (One in each room, though each tablet controls all of the rooms). Battle of the drapes, John vs Arthur!


Finally, the WC:- a heated seat and a control panel to clean and dry your you-know-what after you've finished on the loo. There is choice of rear and front wash; little jets of water spray up from below, and those can "oscillate" if you so wish! Then a warm air drier comes on to finish the process. Unfortunately, you have to remember to flush the loo yourself after all that!


The seat is warmed. Even heated. Ouch. Lovely!


The reason for the foot? It's fooling the sensor that there is a bum on the seat so that the jet pops out! There was quite a lot of water down the wall and on the floor after this demo. If we had demonstrated with a real bum, you would not have seen how it worked. Either that or you would have been committed to an institution after the shock of it all!

I want one!!

This has definitely spoiled us for our next trip to Las Vegas. Without winning a lot more on Video Poker (and we were $250 up this morning) we probably won't be able to afford such accommodation again, unless there's a wangle to be found! If there is, I would hope to find it!

More about our fabulous Las Vegas stay very soon. Tomorrow we move on and will be staying at the Lodge in Zion National Park, Utah.

Postscript. When John was around 11, the talk went round school that there was a demo of "The Ultimate Bed" at Colmers Department Store and there was a lady in a nightie demonstrating it. John was not particularly interested in the lady in the nightie (though most of the other boys seemed to be for some inexplicable reason). So we all trooped along to Colmers to watch the demonstration. There was a large double bed. Two TVs at the bottom of the bed, automatic curtains, two radios built into the headboards etc etc. "One day" John thought. "One day". Well that day arrived on Monday. Wow! Everything but "The lady in the nightie". Phew!

Now, for adults only, not of a nervous disposition, John having a bubbly/massage bath which flooded the bathroom (think the tub was overfull)


More about our "adventures" in Las Vegas asap.

PPS We have just had our final gamble and are still $250 up over the 3 1/2 days. Off to bed now, with a big smile on our faces! Night night.

PPPS Just took this from bed.... zzzzzzzzz.


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Did the loo play music as well?

by Annie

Glad you still have pocket money and your shirts, wish I had been in Vagas with you, remember our two visits with pleasure and empty pockets

by Bren

Don't get too spoiled! You will be in shock at Zion!

by colette

You've been well and truly spoiled now!!! All this and a profit at the casino, well done!!

by Sue and Gordy

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...it did ! :) Lets hope it's not all down hill from here xx

by Cherry and Chris

Heavenly ablutions, Kenneth Williams would have been in paradise! Charles Hawtry would have created utter chaos. Carry on.....

by Paul king

Nice to see you living the dream boys. Fab room and $250 up too. Put it in the USA "las vegas" kitty and get arthur to put some of his pocket money in each month then you've got yourself another stay in luxury....simples!

by Antonia

From the sublime to the ... - well, you said it! Fab hotel, all mod cons (and then some!) + bonus at the casino. Nice work, guys! Enjoy the next leg of the trip ...

by Ian T

Woo what a lovely room I want to stay not for the toilet but the bath with a view. Any room in the suitcase for the heated toilet seat xxxx

by vivienne

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