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RENFE ALTARIA TRAIN - Murcia to Madrid
Updated, Barajas-Madrid Hilton, HHonors Lounge, eating peanuts

"It is the reward of the journey itself, not the destination that we seek"

Once again, huge thanks due to our tranportistas to Murcia station, Jean and Vivienne, and Carol who will be in charge at Bag End as well as John & Antonia who will keep an eye on things, Ian, as ever and Mervyn who will be on call as well as Jean, Vivienne and Terry who are always there for us! And Sofi who, no doubt, will be a good girl and come in when she's called!


We love you all! (cf Janet Webb at the end of Morecambe and Wise shows).

Here we are, somewhere on the red line between Murcia and Madrid.

Bob filming me photographing him as the Madrid train comes into Murcia station. The Dymo tape on the video cam says "ZOOMED OUT???". Hopefully it will remind both of us to check the damn thing is indeed zoomed out. Our first day in Canada on the last trip was filmed on maximum zoom which does not work well when bouncing around on Canadian road surfaces.

Due to the previously discussed "upgrades" to the Preferente perks on Spanish railways, no breakfast served at the seats again, of course. So we brought our own picnic. (On our last trip, we were happily settling into our seats on the train for Madrid and looking forward to the nice hot breakfast that was always served at your seat. Only to find the rail company had done away with all that, following the UK model of cut the service, increase the fares, boost the profits, and s*d the customers!).

Let the food fotos commence.....!

Cold sausage, small piece of "Gala" pie, hard boiled egg, Colmans mustard. Wonderful!

Another food item. Some may remember crab cakes were offered on our last outward flight. Well here're the rather interesting choices for our flight from Madrid to Dallas/Fort Worth


The lifeblood of a Blogger is the feedback they get back from their readers. So I would encourage you loyal readers to provide a comment or two. Even if it's "Hello" or "*********!". Your comments, please. They will be very much appreciated.

I do use the word Blogger with some trepidation as I equate it with the first rude word I learned as a small kid. I learned it as my dear old Gran was checking her football pools whilst the results were read out on her enormous walnut wireless:

"Arsenal 1, Tottenham Hotspur 5" "Blogger"
"Blackpool 7, Manchester United 0" "Blogger".
"Queen of the South 0, Hamilton Academicals 4" "Blogger"

Well the word sounded like Blogger, not that Blogger had been invented in 1953! My Gran never had a TV but she did have a phone. One of those candlestick affairs. Always wanted one of those. And no mobile phones, of course. If she wanted to speak to my Grandpa, she had to go round the 800 pubs in Bath to try and find him (Well not quite 800, he didn't drink in all of them. Not quite).

I digress (nostalgia isn't what it used to be)....
Guess the theme tune for this trip!

Well here's a clue sung by this lovely guy. You'll have to wait for the original....

Safely arrived at Hilton, Madrid airport. Eventually. Forgot it was a holiday weekend so most of Madrid is on the roads out of town. Anyway, nice young man at check-in gave an upgrade to suite. It was worth waiting for. Bob's Hilton gold card works its magic again.


Storms in Dallas so there could be delays. See you soon. Please remember to leave a comment if you can! Are these pictures too big for you, by the way? All devices are different. Please do let us know.

Thank you. We do love you all!
John & Bob

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Pictures are fine.
Food choices look interesting.
Have a good flight

by Annie

Safe journey Bebs. .hope Stanley and Arthur are behaving. ..xx

by jan

Pictures are fine, it sounds like your having a great time already, exciting stuff lies ahead keep us posted. Enjoy and stay safe. ?✈️??

by Ivan & Martin

Bon voyage guys. Have a good flight.xxx

by Anth

Here you go ,,,,,, enjoy !
Renfe opened our trip July today .... Booked two returns preference €76 !!!!

by Fred aka Alan

Woohoo and the bagenders are off. Let the chaos begin by letting the two little ones loose to see what mischief they can cause. Please tell me top on Arthur list is to break into the Whitehouse and take coffee with Mr Obama! Can't wait to see what you get up too. Photo size ok. Safe onwards journey and hope the storms don't cause too much hassle with your flight x

by Antonia

John and Bob-- have a wonderful trip! Your journey from Murcia and stay at the Madrid Airport Hilton is the same route we took returning to the US a few weeks ago. I'll bet you did a better job of getting out of the Madrid train station than we did! It took us a while to figure out how to exit -- very confusing place!! :-) Hope the storms in TX don't impede your arrival.

by Linda Ketterer

Have a good flight, hope no disruptions. Will eat our dinner now which doesn't seem so appetising after reading your food selections!

by Sue and Gordon Tankard

I thought it was only us on the freebie tickets that did not get food any more.
Looking forward to snow scenes from Dallas.
We have had heavy hail in Royston

by Brien

Pictures just perfect! Enjoy your night at the Hilton and have a safe flight tomorrow xxxx

by Cherry and Chris

Sounds like fun already. Look forward to reading the rest of your blog. Have fun

by Simon OByrne

I bet Jean will love you for that photo. To say say she looks suprised is an understatement! Hope your flight is unencumbered and goes to plan. Looking forward to your adventures over the next month. BTW pics and text are to wide for my Samsung, though not sure there is much to do about that. Will be wildly impressed if you can fix that! Xxx

by Sarah

Bon Voyage

by Jeremy and María José

Ah, those bloggerin' football results - happy days! Pictures are fine, glad you're tucked up safe'n'sound in Madrid, have a safe journey tomorrow & hope the Dallas storms don't delay your flight!

by Ian & Don

wishing you both a fab time xx

by Catherine and Phil

I can't believe you're again on the road already (almost on the road, at least). I confess I envy you guys. Hope you have the best of trips. Enjoy!

by Gabriela

Wow. Thanks for the comments! You'll get another Blog, well done guys.

The flight is on its way, just over an hour late so we should be fine for our connection in Dallas.

Sorry about needing to "approve" the comments. This is not censorship. Once you've had one comment approved, your next ones will automatically be posted.

Linda from Ohio commented on getting out of the station at Madrid. If I remember (and what a big IF that is) I'll have a few handy hints on that with other travel tips, girls. Please remind me!! Please.

Sarah. Indeed. That was the best photo out of a number of retakes! Will ask about the text sizing etc but this site was designed before they'd invented all these modern devices.

Our suite looks like a bomb's hit it. Better get packing!

Thank you again. It really does help give us inspiration.

by Johnash

No, Brien from Royston (this is beginning to sound like "Dear Marge". Now that's a job I could have relished!) no meals whatsoever now on the train. Whatever you paid, and we paid 21€. We even had to pay for the coffee. At least you do get a cuppa for nothing in the UK in First.

by Johnash

Glad you are on your way. Thanks for adding me to your blogs. Have fun guys, we look forward to reading about your journey.

by Valerie

You caught us on the hop, didn't realise we were about to depart to the good old US of A with you! Thanks for taking us along again, we look forward to our trip with you, and Holly didn't even have to go into kennels!

by Lin and Norma

Have a lovely time and look forward to many hours of reading your adventures.

by Jill Hart

Jean and I got cold so left about 1.30 and so did most of Murcia the roads were busy. Hope you left on time today xxPhotos all ok not sure about the photo of food though

by Vivienne

Late on parade sorry, have a great time and keep sending the blogs.

by Bre

Didn't realise your trip had begun. Is it April already?! Have a great trip - look forward to receiving your blog updates. Rick and Terry x

by Rick and Terry

Pictures fine, music video good. Love the trip title. Have a brilliant trip.

by Vivien & Paul

Just catching up! The photos are fine. Looking forward to reading all about your trip xx

by Louise Chipperfield

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